English Premier League and Super League merge - What Are the Drawbacks?


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The Super League has just been announced and caused the football world to go into full panic. Announced to near complete outrage, The Super League has been created as a second division of professional football to challenge the UEFA Champions League. This is the same as the Inter Milan first division. The only difference between the Super League and a lower division football competition is that there are no football teams in the Super League. The only reason this has been created is purely for the commercial benefits of one sport company, Manchester United.

If you take a look at the history of the Super League, you will notice the different football competitions that have come before it. The European Cup was first introduced in 1992 and was known as the European Super Cup. A tournament which supervised a different type of football from what we are used to seeing in our domestic leagues. A tournament which would have a huge impact on the football world and the standards that would be set by international teams and coaches. This would change the standards of football across the world and make the Super League one of the most competitive in the world.

The Premier League is currently the biggest and the most well known sports competition in the world. Every single week millions of fans watch it with big stadiums, big sponsors and big television audiences. If you have ever been to a premier league game, you can certainly say that it is an amazing experience. Unfortunately the premier league faces a few problems due to the lack of participation from the fans. It is not as popular as it was and there are many people complaining about the lack of games and big time TV rights and it seems that fans aren't interested any more.

It has also been suggested that a potential tournament that could rival the EPL could form part of the Super league. This means that the English premiership cup would replace the English second tier league and if this was successful it would be like a mini-Olympics for the English football fans. The size of the potential tournament is huge and this would give huge exposure to the English football league. The EPL is already enjoying huge popularity and there are no signs that this popularity is going to lose any time soon.

I think that the only problem with this proposed merger is that some English football fans will feel that their club isn't big enough or strong enough to compete in the Super league. Some may say that the English premiership is big enough and there are plenty of other countries that would like to join it such as Italy and Germany. I personally don't see the English football pyramid being as big as the German and Italian league and the fact that the Super league already has such a big following doesn't make me think that it will succeed.

Overall I am not against the merging of the EPL and the Super league but I think that there are still problems with it. Personally I think that the EPL can do much better than it is doing at the moment. The fact that there are only so many games every year and the competitions are pretty hard to qualify for, this can work against the EPL. In the long run the Super leagues will probably gain more popularity and succeed in the future as long as the countries involved are willing to make things work. 

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